Our Team


Dave BrownDave Brown is a successful real estate investor, business coach, and marketing expert. He is the co-founder and Chief Content Officer at the Great American Syndicate.  Dave is a lifestyle entrepreneur who owns 3 successful companies. He has coached over 150 students and has done over 500 real estate deals. Dave loves America and believes in freedom, the American Dream, limited government, and capitalism. Dave credits his experiences with Barb for opening his eyes to the power of patriotism and strengthening his gratitude to all who serve. Dave and Barb are engaged and plan to celebrate their marriage in 2023.

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barb allenBarb Allen is an author, speaker, and Co-Founder of the Great American Syndicate. She hosts the popular Flex Your Freedom Podcast.

Barb is the widow of Lt Louis Allen, who was murdered by a fellow soldier while deployed to Iraq. The tragic loss made her keenly aware of the cost of our freedom. She struggled for years to find her footing and raise her four boys. It was in those years that extraordinary people stepped forward to inspire, encourage, mentor, and support her and her kids.

Barb has conducted over 200 interviews and has been featured on Fox News, The Today Show, Army Times, and in Taya Kyle’s book American Spirit. Barb is a powerful and poignant speaker on adversity and patriotism. She has shared the stage with Nick Vujicic, Jason Redman, Kent Clothier, Bedros Keuilian, David Webb, and others.

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Anthony RussoAnthony Russo is a leadership and performance-based motivational speaker and emcee that also speaks on the importance of patriotism and purpose.  

Anthony previously owned Identity Marketing, a Dallas-based experiential staffing agency that had over 2,000 active independent contractors and over 7 figures in revenue for almost a decade.  He started that 7-figure business with zero capital and one client, growing it to 1 million dollars in a matter of 18 months. Anthony is the founder of #BeTheChange, an action-based movement that focuses on action over awareness.  His personal motivational speaking speaks on the positivity of failure and the lessons that can come from it. For the last 15 years, Anthony has been a professional host and emcee for major national events including NCAA championships, major concerts, and charitable events.

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