The Power Of Patriotism

The Power Of Patriotism

In a country that prides itself on being a “melting pot” there are different cultures, colors, languages, backgrounds, political views, religions, and countless other things that set us apart from one another. The one rock we all have- the one foundation that we all stand upon, is our American citizenship and the American Spirit. 

Patriotism in the one thread that weaves among us all. That thread is what inspired tens of thousand of people to stand together for a few precious moments, before a sporting event began. For the few moments the anthem played, rivals stood as one. 

For the few moments the anthem played, we set aside our stress and our concerns and our differences and we looked upon each other as fellow Americans. We honored those who serve and sacrifice, and those who will forever mourn the fallen, by appreciating the blessings before us. We allowed one another that courtesy, that reprieve from the constant onslaught of negativity and the awareness of the very real work we still have to do, to make this country even better.

Not since 9/11 has this country come together like that.

Patriotism is the driving force that inspires men and women to step forward and serve.

It is the love of a country and our fellow Americans as one people, and the knowledge that no matter what may attempt to destroy us, the American Spirit will always prevail.

Patriotism is not the blind love of an imperfect country but it is the absolute love for that country that fuels the will to continue working toward making that country better. It is the blanket of pride and unity and security and opportunity that millions of people flee towards.

Patriotism is the foundation upon which all Americans stand, regardless of our differences. Without it, we are just another land filled with people who care only for themselves and their beliefs, and condemn those who stray from those beliefs. We are just another place where it is every man for himself, where we forget how to live with grace and allow rage to rule.

Patriotism is what will restore this country’s inner peace, resume positive steps toward meaningful change, and ensure every American lives free.

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